Robinson’s Power Steering Specialists

Much like computers, electric showers and microwaves, power steering in your car is one of those features of the driving experience that you wonder how you ever did without. The fact of the matter is that thousands of Robinson motorists began their driving career in vehicles that didn’t have power steering, while thousands more have known nothing else. One thing is for certain however, when we get used to a good thing it is very hard to go back to how it used to be. So, if the power steering in your vehicle has been damaged don’t worry because help is at hand.

Jay's Hobby Shop Inc. has provided an elite power-steering repair service to drivers in Robinson since we first opened our doors. The experience, commitment and skill that our auto repair technicians display on a daily basis means that when you come to us with a problem it will be fixed efficiently. What’s more, the family-run nature of our business means that we are aware of the costs associated with auto repair and that is why our service is one of the most affordable options in all of Robinson. Don’t take chances with inferior garages. Call the team you can trust today.

How Will You Diagnose My Power-Steering Problems?

All of our staff at Jay's Hobby Shop Inc. have the skill, experience and knowhow to solve even the most complex of power-steering problems quickly and effectively. When it comes to power steering there is nothing that they haven’t seen before!

One of the most common power steering problems that we encounter on a daily basis are the simple problems associated with vehicle old age, depreciation and related wear and tear. To accurately diagnose what is wrong with the power steering in your vehicle, our team of technicians will undertake the following steps:

Check the power-steering fluid level.

An insufficient fluid level will make it very difficult for you to make turns comfortably and could also lead to additional performance-related problems. To check this, our team will examine the power steering pump, assess the level and re-fill if necessary. They will also inspect for any additional leaks or damage that may be causing the leaks in the first place.

Inspect the hoses and lines close to the pump for leaks.

This step is pretty self-explanatory but could end up saving you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in the long-run.

Examine for loose belts.

In this check, our team will assess if the belts near the pump are operating correctly. This can be assessed by turning the steering wheel with the engine running and checking for screeching sounds.

Look for any other leaks.

Offering the most detailed and thorough power steering repair service possible means leaving no stone unturned. This involves checking the rack and pinion of the car for leaks in addition to the power steering pump.